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The joys of being a new parent are indescribable but you also tend to get overwhelmed with the new hectic routine of changing diapers, feeding, washing and playing. Due to this new change of schedule, new parents tend to neglect themselves, especially mothers. There is definitely nothing wrong in getting caught up with doing your best to be a wonderful parent. However, the amount that you take care of yourself also affects your parenting, whether you’d like to accept it or not. Being stressed out and not feeling healthy will affect your mood and in turn make you feel down. Your low mood will then unfortunately hinder you from giving your hundred percent to your little one.

Before your little bundle of joy was born, you may have been very conscious of your fitness and made frequent (if not daily) trips to the gym. But once your baby was born, you might have resigned from your previous life of fitness and promised yourself you would start once your baby grew a little older. After all, who would look after your precious child until you get back from your work out? The answer is, to simply take your baby with you.

This dilemma of leaving your baby behind so you can work out can be solved by joining a mums and bubs workout program. This fitness regimen involves you working out with your baby. Your baby will not just be in the same room with you, but will also be a part of your exercises. Therefore, you don’t have to give up on your previous life of fitness; instead, you could switch it up and start working out with your little one.

Even if you are a person who has never stepped foot in a gym and exercise was just something you spoke about, now would be the perfect opportunity to start. Often, we have fleeting ideas of going on long runs in the evening or getting a weight loss program, but due to lack of motivation we never actually go through with it. Now, you can use your baby as motivation because by joining a mums and bubs workout program you can break out of that predictable schedule and spend some fun quality time together.

So regardless if you are fitness fanatic and or even someone who cringed when the word ‘exercise’ was brought up, including a workout with your baby will do no harm and definitely improve your lifestyle. After all, a happy and healthy mom equals a happy and healthy baby.