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For many of us going to the gym is a daunting task. Whether you’re out off by all the machinery or are simply too shy to exercise in front of hundreds of super fit people, we’ve put together a list of outdoor alternatives for you.

Going Solo
Maybe you dislike the idea of exercise being a group activity? If that’s the case getting some alone time while you exercise is not hard at all. Consider taking a walk or going for a run alone. You can either head to a local park or running track or you could simply walk or run around your neighborhood. Make sure you get outside every day so that you make a habit of it. Walking or running alone can be calming and empowering. Alternatively, consider either buying or renting a bike. Cycling exercises several of your muscles at the same time and is an excellent form of exercise that is both fun and will provide you with a brilliant work out!
Sign Up For a Class
If you dislike the idea of exercising indoors but are not averse to exercising as part of a group then consider signing up for an outdoor exercise class. You could sign up for outdoor personal training or sign up for an outdoor fitness boot camp!
With outdoor personal training, your trainer or coach will make sure that you exercise right by teaching you the correct form of particular exercises and setting you targets to reach. He or she will also keep motivating and pushing you to improve your fitness levels and to keep coming back each day. If running around to get fit is not your idea of fun you could also join an outdoor Yoga or Pilates class. Both yoga and Pilates will help you build muscle strength, increase your flexibility and can help offset arthritic and joint pain. They will also help you feel more grounded, calm and collected. They are also forms of exercise you can continue to do at any age and at anyplace, so missing a session while on holiday or on a particularly busy day will not be an issue. Visit this link http://www.bondivixen.com/ for more details on outdoor personal training.
Get Out In the Water
If running and high-intensity training aren’t for you maybe consider going for a swim? Swimming will not only help you burn fat, tone your muscles and have you feeling stronger and more flexible, it is also one of the safest forms of exercise. There’s little to no chance that you will end up with a knee or joint injury and swimming can actually help you restore muscle strength if you have previously suffered an injury. Also, getting out into the water can be refreshing after a long day’s work.