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Soccer And Why Women Should Be Encouraged To Play This Game

When it comes to playing soccer, all that you need is a field, two nets and yes a ball! One of the prime reasons why people love to play this game is because it provides them with fast-paced excitement. Also, it is one of those games which are widely played all across the world. This is the reason why so many people are aware of this game and love to play this popular sport. These days, we are noticing womens football is getting slowly popular. It is getting more popular at the youth level. This is one of those games which will help you stay fit and healthy. You can enjoy playing it at whatever age you are in; this game helps to strengthen your butt, arms, shoulder and legs. See this post if you are looking for football store.

Not to forget burning calories is another great advantage you gain from playing this game. Due to the physical dynamics of football, it comes out as being a great game which even women can enjoy playing. Playing team footballs helps to strengthen ones overall health and boosts it. Also, it does help in improving the cardiac health, as noted by a study. Studies have proven that soccer proves to be quite beneficial for women. A few of the central reasons have been listed below:

It helps in improving the cardiac health

In Denmark, in the year 2010, it was noticed that women who were playing soccer for about 14 weeks did highly improve their cardiovascular health. The improvement was marked by about 15 per cent which is a great healthy change. As compared to jogging, the kind of running one has to do in football which is known as interval running tends to be highly beneficial for ones heart health. It is highly effective and cardio health gets drastically improved.

Reduces fat from overall body

Want to lower your body fat? Why not start playing soccer and notice the change? Players who play football regularly tend to stay in a much healthy state and fitter than those who play other games. A game like soccer does bring forth explosive power and one has to jump, sprint, and quickly change directions as and when required. Movement like these tends to be quite explosive. This is why people who play soccer regularly will enjoy a better overall body. They will burn their fat quickly.

Level of stress is reduced

Unlike the case of cycling and running, which at some point of time gets dreary and monotonous, playing soccer keeps you focused, at all times. You stay alert and both physically and tactically stay alert. This helps to reduce your stress level as it is coupled with release of endorphins. You feel content and clear headed after the game is over.

Are You A True Sports Nerd?

Everyone has a few passions they just can’t seem to contain – be it that you’re still young or maybe old, male or female, outgoing or introverted (the list goes on). A very common such passion is sports – it can be football, basketball, cricket or anything. However, sometimes your inner fan gets the better of you, and you might be going a little overboard with your love for sports. 

1. Your room – or even home – reflects your favourite sport:

For example, most sports fans will often decorate their homes with objects related to their favourite sport. It may not be something used in the sport per se, like a football, but it can also be a normal furniture article with your favourite sport as a theme, for example, women’s football.

It doesn’t really matter to you if they’re a collection of replica trophies or football bean bag chairs – you just want your home to remind you of your favourite sport. To find out more items regarding football this link may help you.

2. You’ve poured all your money to buy something related to it at least once

Let’s face it, if you’re really obsessed with your favourite sport, you’ve most definitely wasted money on related merchandise. No matter how much you tried to reason with yourself, you couldn’t resist the urge of buying it – be it a T-shirt signed by your favourite player, or even a VIP ticket to an away game. And let’s not talk about the countless hours and bucks you’ve spent on online auctions in eBay in the middle of the night.

3. You’re quite knowledgeable about the gameplay and the famous players

Even if you’ve never played the game yourself (or maybe you didn’t try just yet!) you’re quite familiar with the rules and gameplay of the game. You’ve also come to recognize the most famous players and teams, and even maybe their signature moves. At this point, you’ve realized your passion for the sport – and not just through your in-depth knowledge, but probably also through your friends’ annoyed complaints about your never-ending rambles about it.

4. You’ve attended/ planned to attend a live match at least once

This is a no-brainer. If you’re really passionate about your favourite sport, you’d obviously not be satisfied just watching the matches on TV every time. Maybe you’ve already attended a match, or maybe you’re even saving up money to go watch a match held in another country – the cost can’t possibly compare to the joy you’ll get seeing your favourite players live.

If you’ve nodded your head while reading the above points, chances are you’re definitely a true sports nerd. Of course, there’s nothing to be ashamed about – after all, isn’t it a great thing to be so immersed in one thing? However, it’s also wise to keep in mind to not overspend on merchandise or tickets, and to not let your passions overly dominate your life.