A Profession That Holds So Much Responsibility

By | April 29, 2016
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Physiotherapist is a person who helps people affected by injury, illness, disability to come to their normal self through exercise, manual therapy, guidance and advice. A person can benefit from this sort of a therapy at anytime of their life, irrespective of the age.It not only helps back pain or injury but also long term medical conditions such as asthma. Although there is no cure for asthma, those who suffer from asthma can improve their quality of life through this therapy. A physiotherapist, through pulmonary rehabilitation programmes helps the patients to improve their breathlessness and to control the disease. A physio also shows breathing techniques to clear phlegm from ones chest. Other than that they use breathing exercises and positioning.

When a patient with breathing problem is admitted to a hospital, it is the physio who plays an important role to help the patient to clear his lung condition.

Physiotherapists take the third place in the health profession after doctors and nurses. Their services are available in national hospitals and they do private practice too.

It is amazing that patients suffering from dementia too can be helped through this therapy. Dementia is a disease where the memory of a person gets loss. The symptom starts when the brain is affected by diseases and conditions. Dementia symptoms gradually get worse. Therefore it is better to consult a physiotherapist at the early stages as they help the patient as well as those who are taking care of them. They encourage physical activities to help the patient to be independent as long as possible. The physiotherapists shows the carers how to support the patient o be independent. 

The pattern of thinking and the moods of dementia patients are different to their normal selves. In this juncture physiotherapist plays an important role by introducing exercises to improve their thinking patterns. It is found that strength and balance exercises for dementia patients helps to reduce falls and thereby occurrences of fractures. As Dementia patients are more prone to falls, physiotherapists also advices the carers of the patients with regard to prevent of falls. People suffering from dementia are noted to have difficulty in reporting of any pain. Physiotherapists through experience and knowledge are able to assess and advise how to identify pain and to treat pain by making proper seating positions.

Arthritis is common among people and according to reports there are more than 300 types of arthritis. Arthritis can cause due to heredity or suddenly. This therapy can help to manage arthritis. Physiotherapists teach and give advice to improve your joint movements through exercise sometimes in water and acupuncture. Accordingly it is advisable to go to a physiotherapist if you want to stay active and be independent.